The Best Green Smoothie Ever!

The Best Green Smoothie Ever!

Have you tried a Green Smoothie before? Please do as soon as possible if you have not!

Green Smoothies are so delicious, simple, refreshing, revitalizing, and healing. This one was no exception! In fact, this one was so good, dare we say it's the best Green Smoothie ever!

Feel free to freestyle your superfoods of choice - we popped a little Maca in for an extra Adaptogenic boost and some Chlorella for extra Phytonutrients. Can't forget LIV Hemp Heart Protein too : )

Alright, onto the Recipe!

🍌1 Frozen Banana
🥭1 Mango
🍍1/2 Pineapple
💧A Bit of Water
🥬 3-4 Lacinato Kale Leaves
🌿 2 TBSP LIV Hemp Heart Protein
➕ 1/2 TSP Chlorella
➕ 1/2 TSP Maca


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