On a Mission

On a Mission


Greetings LIV Family,

If you have never heard of LIV or Ital, that's perfectly ok!

So what is Ital you ask? Ital (short for ‘Vital’) is the method and terminology of traditional Rastafarian food preparation and consumption. Ital is real, authentic, plant-based food, that grows from the Earth. Ital food is clean, organic, and as unprocessed as possible. Ital food is prepared in a way to nourish and join the Mental, Spiritual, and Physical aspects of life. Ital is an overall positive mindset of cleanliness and balance. Ital is Vital!  

A core staple of the Ital culinary flow is fresh, delicious, nourishing Coconut Milk. From it's silky smooth, exotic flavor to it's potent healing properties, we have a deep love affair for all things Coconut and are honored to bring you authentic Coconut Milk in it's purest form.

But our mission goes deeper than that. We are here:

  1. To inspire people to live healthier, cleaner lives, and to be the best version of themselves.
  2. Tell the story of Ital.
  3. We believe business is one of the most powerful platforms for positive change in the world thus we feel it is our duty to support positive social and community building initiatives when possible.

Ready for the journey? Come along with us! All are welcome here at LIV!

Love + Blessings,

Team LIV


"Good health being one of man's priceless possessions, We have continually stressed the importance of this condition together with the many elements of progress designed for the general welfare of Our people." - His Imperial Majesty, Qedamawi Haile Selassie

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