LIV Retailer Feature: Botana Organics

LIV Retailer Feature: Botana Organics

Jesse Ginefra, Owner of Botana Organics


Botana Organics / Wilmington, Delaware / 2020 

We love and cherish our retail partners at LIV. Today, we present the first LIV retailer feature, Botana Organics!

Botana Organics is a CBD boutique in Wilmington, Delaware, specializing in farm direct CBD. Owner Jesse Ginefra tells us the story behind his store, "I opened Botana in November 2019 after I spent a few years working on hemp farms in Colorado. Our mission is to spread awareness about the powers of hemp and CBD and provide high quality hemp and CBD products that are organic and effective. Hemp can save the world!!"

We believe in Jesse's mission and agree, Hemp can save the world!

Check out Botana at:


LIV Hemp Protein and Hemp Hearts @ Botana Organics

Botana Organics in Wilmington Delaware


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