Happy Autumn + Featured Film Roll

Happy Autumn + Featured Film Roll

Shooting film is so fun. There is no doubt about it. Nothing beats the perfectly imperfect authentic aesthetic of film. The way film captures light, the way the grain shines through, the way certain things focus and certain things do not, all just feel better and more authentic on film. And the suspense! That feeling when you finally get your rolls developed and scanned and can finally check out all of the images you shot is surely a treasure.

And it's Autumn now for us in the Northern Hemisphere - Happy Autumn y'all! That means the days are getting shorter sunlight wise, the temps are crisper, and theres lots of Apples and other bounty aplenty. 

That brings us to Ricker Hill Orchard in Turner, Maine. A magical place! This day was quite brisk with a breeze coming off of the Western Maine and White Mountains. Ricker Hill has two Orchards, a Conventional Orchard at the base of their Farm, and an Organic Orchard at top of their Farm that you find after traveling up a steep and windy road.

For all of you Film nerds out there, the Film Stock we shot with was Fuji Superia X-TRA ISO 400. An affordable, but rad stock we have grown to love.

Here are a few of our top picks from this roll - a sucker for lush scenery!











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