Loaded Blueberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

Loaded Blueberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

We aren't going to lie, it's hard to resist a good Smoothie bowl.

It's like eating a healthy Ice Cream parfait! First you have your 'Ice Cream' base. Then you can top your treat with fruit, nuts, seeds, superfoods, or anything else your heart desires. They are really easy to make too once you make a few. All you need is your imagination!

This Loaded Banana Blueberry Smoothie Bowl right here is a staple for Team LIV. Team favorite lunch or breakfast right here! This will give you energy, sustenance, vitamins, minerals, protein, macros, and more. Super quick and delicious too. Here is the recipe - give it a try (serves 2-4 people):




  1. Add all Base Ingredients except Water or Nut Milk to high speed Blender of choice.
  2. Fill Blender with Water or Milk of choice until your base ingredients are nearly topped off.
  3. Process until completely smooth. You will want a thick, Soft-Serve Ice Cream like consistency. If you prefer thicker, add less Liquid or thinner add more Liquid. Play with this until you find your preference.
  4. Scoop Base into large Bowl!
  5. Add all Toppings as neatly or messy as you like : ) We like to work each topping in thin rows so you can try different combos of goodies with the base cream.
  6. Enjoy!


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